[MEDI-PEEL] Medipeel ★ Sale 75% ★ (bo) Hyaluron Dark Benone Peptide 9 Ampoule Eye Patch (1.6g*60ea) 1 Pack / B…

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[MEDI-PEEL] Medipeel ★ Sale 75% ★ (bo) Hyaluron Dark Benone Peptide 9 Ampoule Eye Patch (1.6g*60ea) 1 Pack / Box 72 / (ho)+100 / 28/68(8R)25 / 35,000 won(8)


What it is

Dark Benone eye patch that improve the eye area moist and pure with dimond powder, pearl extract, and hyaluronic acid, effective in moisture retaining.

The optimal blend of pearl and diamond for brightening, fills the skin with active ingredients form deep inside, making it radiant. The 9 petide ingredients combined with MEDI-PEEL's technology, supply abundant active ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier and retain moisture for long. 7 layers of hyalurinic acid attracts moisture, making the skin smooth and moist. It is low-irritant and miild to the skin, safe for sensitive skin to use.





Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing, refine skin texture with toner. Apply the eye patch adjusting around the eyes (and other areas needed). Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Remove patch and gently pat remaining essence serum until fully absorbed.

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